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Wound Care Proper Techniques

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There are many methods to treating scraps and cuts. Check out these wound care techniques for additional safety.

Summertime is filled with the children running around the backyard barefoot and carefree.  It’s not only the kids who can get hurt outside during the summer; all of us have a risk of getting scratched up or falling. Broadway Medical finds it important to know proper procedures and supplies to use if you or a loved one encounters a wound. There are products we offer that can make managing wound care simple and sterile so you don’t run into problems down the road.

It is best practice to clean a wound right away if bleeding occurs. Dirt and other particles may have entered the wounded area which could cause infection. We also sell products for wounds that are caused from bed sores and wheelchair sores.

Wound care starts with the caregiver who is helping clean the wound because the person with the wound is typically under stress from the situation. As a caregiver, it is important to make sure your hands are cleaned and sanitized before beginning wound care procedures. After washing your hands, put on gloves for self-protection. Broadway Medical offers Carex Soft Hand Gloves that are ideal for wound care because blood will not touch your hands.

After getting yourself ready to take care of the wound, a first aid kit will have just about everything you need to care for the area. We sell a variety of first aid kits. Whether you are looking for a small kit or a kit that can help up to 50 people, we have it. Once you have the area cleaned, you are now ready for bandaging the wound to stop the bleeding from continuing. We have many options for bandaging the wound.

Now that you have properly performed wound care, recovery is also a part of the process. Remember to change the bandage frequently and check it for any signs of infection. It may be best not to get the wound wet, so we have products to protect the skin from getting wet while bathing.

We hope this wound care information will help if you ever encounter an accident. Broadway Medical is available with any questions, so feel free to contact us!