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Where in the World is Your CPAP Machine

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Your CPAP machine doesn’t move from where you sleep other than to get cleaned or repaired. What do you do in case you go on vacation or stay the night at a relative’s home halfway across the United States or world? If you need to travel by airplane, Brevard Medical Equipment can help provide you with some tips and tricks to get your CPAP machine and equipment through security.

It is important to read your airline’s rules and regulations regarding how you can bring your CPAP machine on board and get through security. If you tend to travel a lot, it may be smart to have a second CPAP machine that is more compact and easier to store. Do not pack your equipment in your checked luggage. In case of this luggage getting misplaced, you may not be able to continue your therapy for a few days.

It may be that you get nervous walking up to security stations inside the airport. There is no way of getting around security holding on to CPAP equipment. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers are used to seeing CPAP machines and know how to check over them accordingly. The CPAP machine itself will need to be taken out of your carrying case for inspection. Have the mask and tubing ready in-case they’d like to see those too.

X-ray machines and containers are not the cleanest things. Make sure to bring a clear plastic bag with you to place that in as it goes through the x-ray machine. TSA officials will check your CPAP machine as a part of their Explosive Trace Detection. We all know that won’t be needed as evidence and once it clears, you’ll be good to go.

Brevard Medical Equipment hopes these tips will help you get through the airport a little smoother. If you’re traveling soon, make sure to contact us about traveling with your CPAP machine or other home medical equipment! Happy Travels!