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Working for Wellness in 2013

Posted on in Heart Health

Your personal health does not have to be complicated, even more so when you are trying to improve your health and take care of your body. But we do live in the Information Age, and every day there seem to be countless new studies recounted on the news that seem to contradict each other as we search for a way to keep ourselves healthy and live longer. This can lead to confusion, when really what it takes to be healthy is a combination of common sense and the willingness to take charge of your health.

A doctor's visit for a physical exam is an excellent place to start your journey to better health this year.

The term “wellness” may be a word you begin to hear a lot as we get into 2013. It refers to an approach to your health focused on improving the body and mind, preventing health complications and using available resources. Instead of waiting for a medical condition to develop then treating it, the goal of wellness is to prevent a decrease in health through living a healthy lifestyle.

The logical first step to take would be to schedule a full physical exam with your doctor to get a good look at where you are with your health right now. This will allow your doctor to recommend simple lifestyle changes to help you avoid any diseases or medical conditions you may be at risk for. You should also be sure to take advantage of any free screenings or clinics that local health organizations provide.

You can also do a lot of things at home to improve your health. Stretching and exercising daily can help your muscles and joints stay limber and flexible, as well as boost your metabolism and cardiovascular system. Doing the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper, reading books and otherwise stimulating your mind will keep your brain sharp.

Please join us at Broadway Medical in seeking wellness and good health in 2013, and if you require any of the items we offer to improve your life, we will be here to help you make this your best year yet!