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Reduce the Hassle

Posted on in Diabetes

Let’s be honest for a moment: no one really enjoys flying anywhere these days because there are so many difficulties in the process. You have to get to the airport, get your boarding passes from the ticket counter, check your luggage, wait in long security lines and then wait in line again to board the plane. The headache caused by these hassles is compounded when trying to fly over the holidays because of the increase in people flying.

Flying with a mobility device over the holidays can be made much easier by simply being prepared and knowing the guidelines you need to follow.

The situation may seem even worse if you or a loved one have to travel with a mobility device like a wheelchair, walker, mobility scooter or other items. However, we would like to provide some tips as to how traveling with a mobility device can be made easier so that it’s just one less thing to worry about.

Call ahead of time- let the airline know of any mobility limitations before you set foot in the airport. This allows them to get any resources you need in place, as well as document your needs so that employees at your destination aren’t scrambling when you arrive.

Know the rules and your options- find your airport and airline’s rules about mobility devices and how they are dealt with on their website or when you call before your trip. Most airlines allow for walkers, rollators, wheelchairs (power and manual) and mobility scooters to be checked at the gate right before you board. You may have to instruct workers about how to disassemble your mobility device if it is a rule of the airline.

Be prepared and stay calm- in short, just know that you may need to explain things multiple times, such as how to disassemble your mobility device. Staying calm will help both you and the people who are trying to assist you.

We hope that these tips will serve you well as you and your loved ones get together with your family over the holiday season. Happy flying from all of us at Broadway Medical!