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Pain Management: Quick Solutions

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Pain can drag you down, so keep some pep in your step with these pain management tips!

Between muscle aches and back pain, it seems like you just can’t keep up with the pain management. With age, these pains seem to be increasing and you need a solution. At Broadway Medical, we understand that you need quick solutions to make the pain bearable so you can move on from the discomfort.

Aches and pains can get in the way of daily activities and the goal is to not let that happen. Broadway Medical has several product offerings around pain management and ways for you to find comfort in relief.

Muscle Pain Management

Whether your muscles are sore from being physically active or because of age, we have solutions. Biofreeze is a gel-based skin applicant that gives the effect of hot and cold pain relief. This product comes in two different forms, roll on or squeeze tub. Both options are convenient, but the roll on is great for applying to hard to reach areas of your body, like the back. This option is also less messy because it does not need to be applied to your hands prior to the area of pain.

Chronic Pain Management

Applying heat to chronic pains has been proven the most effective method of pain treatment. Broadway Medical has a variety of sizes and types of heating pads for your convenience. The Cara Inc. Heating Pad with Select Heat 72 is ideal for chronic back pain because there is a wide range of heat settings. The cord is 11 feet long for your pain management convenience. The auto off timer is perfect for applying before falling asleep, so you feel safe.

Broadway Medical also offers a variety of pillows for comfort and cold packs for short-term pain management and control. You deserve the best products for pain management and we can proudly offer them to you at an affordable price.