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Keeping You Moving

Posted on in Mobility Scooter

One of our main goals as a mobility product provider to the communities of Northern California is to help you get around easier no matter your level of mobility. Catering to all levels of mobility allows us to better serve our clients’ needs. Let’s take a look at the various mobility products we offer, who is best suited for each product and what benefits they provide.

Crutches- a common item seen in emergency rooms across the country, crutches allow no pressure to be put on an injured foot or leg to help it heal. There are also forearm crutches that can provide those with long-term disabilities better stability when moving around.

Canes- canes provide a little extra stability for those whose mobility has been only slightly compromised. Quad canes, a cane with a base and four legs, provide more weight-bearing for those that need it.

Walkers- ideal for those of us that are older and still mobile but needing more stability than a cane, walkers are a secure way to get around both indoors and out.

Rollators- looking like a walker with wheels, rollators actually require the user to have better stability because of the wheels and good grip strength to activate the handbrakes. They also feature a seat that can be used if your legs get tired.

Manual wheelchairs- an ideal solution if you have the upper body strength and dexterity to handle getting in and out of your chair and pushing yourself around if need be.

Power wheelchairs- made more for those who have disabilities that don’t allow function in the lower or upper body, power chairs feature a joy-stick control and many adjustable parts for a good fit. Good for indoor or outdoor use.

Mobility scooters- a great product for those looking to keep their independence outside their home who cannot physically use a standard wheelchair. A long range allows for more time spent going and doing and less time recharging.

This is just a quick look at what benefits each of these products can provide. For more in-depth views on each product contact us or come by either of our locations.