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Healthy Aging #2

Posted on in Breast Cancer

As Broadway Medical continues with this month’s blog theme of healthy aging, we want you to feel healthy as well as physically fit.  As mentioned in our last blog, we encourage you to try new things by taking a class at a college and shutting off the TV to read a book or something to make your logic points increase. In this installment, we would like to encourage you to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.


Healthy Aging month was created and designed to help older individuals to stay positive while growing older.  This September marks 15 years of celebrating Healthy Aging Month and educates older persons about their physical, social, mental and financial stances in their life.


Every morning you may stretch as you get out of bed and you may do a lot of walking.  Consider going for a bicycle ride or going to your local gym to do light weight exercises.  There are many possibilities to stay active.  Keeping your body moving keeps your joints from getting stiff and causing you to feel sore.  Many larger gyms offer water aerobic classes which make you exercise with your entire body.  If you would still like to keep things simple, and if you’re able to, try parking your car farther away so you get a longer walk to and from your destination.


Next, Broadway would like to encourage you to maintain a healthy diet.  Consider adding super foods to your diet.  You may wonder what a ‘super food’ is and they include higher concentrations of crucial nutrients and they are low in calories.  Super foods help lower your chances of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers.  Make sure to add apples, yogurt, tea, walnuts, turkey, dried fruits, honey and even a little dark chocolate to your cart this weekend to feel a little bit more SUPER!


Broadway Medical cannot offer a gym membership or grocery store coupons, but we can offer skin care and incontinence products.