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Finding the Right Bed and Better Sleep

Posted on in Sleep

Our bed; it’s where we go for sleep, when we’re upset and when we’re sick. Broadway Medical wants to know: do you have the right bed so you can get a great night’s sleep?

Finding the right mattress can create better sleep Finding the right mattress can create better sleep

How do you know what bed is right for you? How big is big enough? As modern Americans, we like big meals, big TV’s and big beds. Our grandparents and great grandparents slept in three-quarter and double beds, often with at least 1 child in the bed or in the room, and did just fine. TV couples slept in single beds and they survived. We now have beds that are bigger than the bedrooms those family members probably lived in! Here’s a basic size chart of modern beds:

  • A California King is 72” x 84”
  • A standard King is 76” x 80”
  • A Queen is 60” x 80”
  • A Full size or Double is 53” x 75”
  • And a Twin is just 38” x 75”

What size is right for you? What does the size of the bed have to do with how well we sleep? Why does it matter how well we sleep? These are all good questions.

What size is right for you?  We can’t answer that. There are single people with great big beds and couples in double beds (and futons). There are some medical reasons that may influence your bed size choices.

People with a variety of illnesses or physical needs may do better in adjustable hospital beds. We carry electric beds, semi-electric beds, standard and bariatric varieties. We also carry special mattresses, pads and over-lays to help with issues like pressure sores and incontinence.

You may also need safety railings and trapeze lifts for increased safety and maneuverability. We invite you to come to Broadway Medical during Better Sleep month and see what we have to offer. We’ll be back later this month with another post about getting better sleep, so be sure to tune in for that!