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Drink Red Wine for Prime Heart Health

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Once again it is time for Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating that someone special in your life and showing them you have a place for them in your heart. Your plans may include a romantic evening out with dinner and wine. If they do, be sure to order a red wine because you’ll actually be giving your heart a little boost.

The antioxidants found in various red wines can do wonders for keeping your heart healthy and plaque-free

Yes, your favorite merlot may be helping you avoid heart disease, and here’s how.

Our body contains free radicals, groups of atoms that can cause damage to certain cell membranes. By creating chemical chain reactions, free radicals cause damage to the DNA or other cell membranes, resulting in cancer or a variety of other medical conditions.

When these atoms are released in the linings of our arteries and heart, they oxidize low-density lipids (LDL, a.k.a bad cholesterol), leading to damage in the soft inner walls of our heart and arteries. Enough damage can eventually lead to heart disease or other coronary complications.

Antioxidants are our body’s natural defense system against free radicals, although our bodies can’t always produce enough of them. When our body doesn’t have enough antioxidants on its own, that’s where eating and drinking antioxidant-rich food and liquids, such as red wine, comes into play.

Vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene, all of which are antioxidants, are found in red wine.  When they are ingested and absorbed into the body, they help stop the domino effect of damage caused by free radicals. This is not a license to overdo on the wine though; two to three small glasses a week is fine.

The next time you have a choice between red or white wine, remember your heart and go with the red in moderation. Broadway Medical hopes that you and your loved ones always seek a heart-healthy lifestyle, and there’s no better time than now to start working for a better future!