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Celebrating National Bathroom Safety Month

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National Bathroom Safety MonthWelcome to 2014 at Broadway Medical in California! Every year, we like to celebrate medical “holidays” that focus on products and services we provide.  January has many special medical holidays, but the one that stands out the most is National Bathroom Safety Month.  Broadway Medical provides many different products and bathroom safety is very important to us. 

Many of us have older parents and loved ones losing their ability to stay balanced.  We want to help them stay safe in their home, but we also want to respect their right to privacy and living independently. Asking them to live with us or move into an assisted living home are not always viable options. What are our options? One option is to talk with our parents about a few simple modifications to keep their home safe.

Grab bars are easy to install and they’re able to be secured anywhere on the walls of the bathroom.  Grab bars can make sure that your parents always have something to hold on to whether they are getting out of the shower or tub.  There are grab handles available to attach over the bath tub threshold to help make entering and exiting the tub very easy.

If you or a loved one isn’t very strong and their balance is questionable, why not allow them to sit down as they take a shower?  Another simple and inexpensive option is a shower chair. These allow for your parents to be in a safe and sturdy seated position instead of standing and exposing themselves to the risk of slipping and falling. Shower chairs offer no-slip grips on the bottom of each leg to prevent sliding and ensure a secure seat while showering.

Broadway Medical provides more bathroom safety equipment other than grab bars and shower chairs. Help loved ones by getting them a Best Bath tub system, hand-held shower system or a transfer chair by speaking with one of our bathroom safety experts this week!