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Building a Safer Bathroom

Posted on in Bathroom Safety

Many of us who have older parents that are losing their mobility are constantly worried about their wellbeing living by themselves. We want to help them stay safe in their home, but we also want to respect their right to privacy and living their own lives. Asking them to live with us or move into an assisted living home are not really viable options. What are our options then? One of them is to talk with our parents about a few simple modifications to keep their home safe.

The most important place to start is their bathroom where they shower and bathe. In a study done last year by the Centers for Disease Control, the bathroom was identified as the most dangerous place for those 65 and older. However, the safety of your parents’ bathroom can be bolstered with a few simple and inexpensive additions.

The first are grab bars. Able to be securely fastened anywhere on the walls of the bathroom, grab bars can make sure that your parents always have something to hold on to whether they are getting out of the shower or tub. There are also grab handles that can attach to the rim of their bath tub to ease entry and exit.

Another simple and inexpensive option is a shower chair. These allow for your parents to be in a safe and sturdy seated position instead of standing and exposing themselves to the risk of slipping and falling. Shower chairs of no-slip grips on the bottom of each leg to prevent sliding and ensure a secure seat while showering.

These two options are neither complex nor do they require expensive remodeling. For those of you that have older parents whose mobility has begun to decrease, talk to them about these and other safety solutions found in Broadway Medical’s online catalog.