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Broadway Medical Bladder Health Month - Part 2

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Bladder HikeNovember is Bladder Health Month and Broadway Medical Equipment is talking about our bladders! Good or bad, love them or hate them, bladders are very important to a happy life. Here are some more tips and techniques to better bladder health.

Reason number 10,000 to not smoke: it’s bad for the bladder. More than 50,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year. Cigarette smokers have a two to three times higher risk of bladder cancer than non-smokers. So it’s not just your lungs that suffer from smoking, it’s your whole body. Quit today.

We are what we eat, and it affects our urine.  Certain foods worsen bladder symptoms in some people, especially those more prone to bladder problems. A condition called interstitial cystitis can cause bladder pain, urgent urination, and even incontinence, especially in women. Foods that are higher in acid, like tomatoes and orange juice, may cause flare-ups. Be watching for connections of what you were eating and drinking before a flare-up so you know what to avoid.

It may sound cliché, but good old cranberry juice actually may help keep your bladder infection free. A recent study showed that drinking cranberry juice or taking the cranberry tablets reduced the occurrence of urinary tract infections. The thinking is that the ingredients in the cranberry may keep harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of your urinary tract. Thanks, Ocean Spray.

Take a hike! Or take a walk, but get some low impact exercise. Many people have sedentary jobs and lives while others have heart disease that can cause fluid build-up in their legs. When they lay down at night, this fluid can cause them to need to empty their bladders many times throughout the night. If possible, try walking around more throughout the day. Ask your doctor for more tips, but be careful of diuretics that will make you have to “go” more often.

A better bladder makes a better and happier life! When you need ostomy or incontinence care products of any kind, see the experts at Broadway Medical Equipment.