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Benefits of Exercise with Age

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Exercise is important for our bodies to stay healthy, find out more below.

It is widely known that people of all ages can benefit from exercise of any kind. The benefits of exercise with age become increasingly important because moderate workouts can help you to stay independent and well. Reduced physical activity attributes to the decline of mobility and strength as we age. At Broadway Medical we want to stress the importance and value of exercise. Even a short walk or garden work can help you to live a life of wellness as age increases. It is also helpful if family and friends are supportive of daily physical activity. You can enjoy a walk with the grandchildren or planting your favorite vegetables in the garden.

The benefits of exercise with age are endless and we want to point out a few reasons why it is vital to healthy living. Even the smallest bit of exercise can contribute to a life of purpose and independence. Making goals to go on a walk each day or do morning stretches is a start to bettering yourself.

Benefits of Exercise with Age:

  • Increased mobility is a major benefit of exercise because you are working your joints and muscles constantly.
  • Exercise can help make you feel better because you are staying active and involved. Whether you choose to take the grandchildren on a walk three times a week or tend to the garden, you have something to look forward to each day.
  • The effects of chronic pain and diseases may subside. Working joints and muscles regularly can take away the pains of different types of health issues.
  • Physical activity maintains a healthy weight. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight, exercise reduces obesity and weight gain.
  • Promotes a lower risk of falling and improves cognitive brain function. With exercise, you gain strength, making your risk for falls decrease.

Exercise should always be a top priority for your health and wellness goals.  If you have any questions about our services or online catalog, please feel free to contact us.