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Avoiding Falls

Posted on in Alcohol

Summer is a great time to think about a fall. Not autumn, but a fall that that can hurt you or in way too many cases, end in hospital stays and death. People who fall receive injuries such as cuts, hip fractures, broken bones or head injuries.  Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries which accounted for almost half of death last year. Broadway medical thinks that even one fall is one too many.

Falls are not gender equal either. Sorry guys, but fall related deaths are 34 percent higher for men than for women. So what can you do keep yourself fall-free and healthy? We talked about some major ways to prevent falls last time; here are more tips to keep you healthy and moving:

  • Look at all of the medications you‘re taking and talk to your doctor about them. Different prescriptions from different doctors and over-the-counter medicines may not work well together and increase your fall risk.
  • Some medications can affect your blood pressure and cause a sudden drop in blood pressure when you stand or move quickly leading to a fall.
  • To avoid these sudden drops in blood pressure, don’t go from laying position to standing without sitting up and letting your blood pressure level off.   This also applies if you have been sitting for a period of time. Stand and be sure that you are not dizzy.
  • Avoid reaching and climbing. Keep the things you use most often accessible and handy. Ak for help when getting things from higher cupboards.
  • Don‘t try to lift or carry heavy or large objects (laundry baskets, garbage cans, boxes) alone, ask for help.
  • Avoid long gowns, robes or coats  that may cause tripping.
  • Take a look at your footwear. Avoid slippery soles, high heels or sloppy shoe laces.
  • Check with your local senior center or hospital about strength training and balance classes.

Broadway Medical carries canes and bathroom safety equipment and other equipment that can help to reduce falls.  Talk to one of our equipment specialist today to learn how to you home and life safer.