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American Heart Month Part 1

Posted on in Cancer Control

heart-1 Good ways to be good to your heart this February

Valentines are not the only important hearts this month. February is American Heart Month and Broadway Medical wants all of you to be heart aware!

Broadway Medical offers these tips to keep your ticker in great shape!

Drink more water -

We are 90% water and our bodies need to stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated is a real concern for children and seniors, especially in flu season. Whether you choose bottled or tap water, try having a bottle with you at all times. It’s good for your heart, your brain, your organs and your skin.

Move more, sit less -

We are a nation of sitters. We are also a nation of people who are losing the battle with weight and illness. Make this the month that you do something about it. Start slowly, but start. Walk, swim, try yoga, whatever appeals to you.

Quit smoking -

There are no positives to smoking and it’s hard on the vessels that that carry blood to the heart.  Damaged lungs make it harder to get the air we need and decreases our activity level which then hurts us more too.  Make this month the time when you cut back and eventually quit. There are great products on the market that can help, so talk to your doctor.

Know your cholesterol numbers -

Get a blood screening profile from your doctor. Know your LDL, HDL and triglyceride levels, and what they mean.  A combination of diet, exercise and medication can get your numbers in line and help your heart health.

Schedule a complete health checkup -

Call today and get an appointment. Many people wait to see the doctor until something is wrong and the damage is done. Get checked out and get control of your heart health and whole body health including your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.

Broadway Medical is your home for CPAP machines and accessories, oxygen supplies and more. See us today.