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Alcohol and the Elderly: A Risky Mix

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Alcohol is not a healthy alternative for other foods. Alcohol is not a healthy alternative for other foods.

Did you know that just under half of adults 65 and older drink alcohol? Did you know they also have more trouble with it than younger people today?  Broadway Medical wants to promote a healthy senior life and to tell you about to pros and cons of drinking alcoholic beverages.  There is nothing wrong with having an alcoholic beverage once in awhile, but if you or someone you know continues to abuse themselves because of drinking, you may want to share this information with them.

Alcohol becomes more sensitive to older people’s health.  Older people tend to metabolize alcohol slower than they used to which causes the alcohol to stay in their system longer. On the other hand, aging does lower you urge and body’s tolerance for alcohol.

Mixing you medications with alcohol is not advised.  Medications mixed with alcohol causes your medications to not work properly and possibly make matters worse or deadly.  Drinking and taking medications can cause sleepiness, confusions and lack of coordination which may lead to further accidents or injuries. It may cause include nausea, vomiting or headaches. Make sure to read your medication labels thoroughly because some medications prefer if you didn’t mix alcohol or even other medicines with them.

Drinking excessively can cause health problems. Major organs that can suffer significant damage from drinking include your heart, brain and most of all, your liver.  Drinking excessively can also increase developing certain cancers and immune system disorders.  Older adults who drink alcohol suffer from depression and drink more to make their pain go away; but it also makes them suffer from depression more.

If you are looking to quit drinking and seek help, please consult with your doctor about ways you can stop drinking and what you can do to get healthier again.  Broadway Medical likes to see you healthy and living well.  Take a look at our wound care products or look more in-depth with our online catalog.