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Accessing Your Abode

Posted on in Home Accessibility

A lot of us take for granted many simple abilities that we have such as being able to walk quickly, get up stairs without trouble and stay on our feet for long periods of time. We usually don’t give it a single thought. However, getting from one place to another for those with whose mobility has been compromised by age, a medical condition or both have to think about it multiple times every day.

Home accessibility solutions such as ramps, stair lifts and other room-specific items will most likely grow in demand as the 78 million members Baby Boomer generation age. While many are included in that number, there are also those who have a physical disability that need accessibility assistance as well. Broadway Medical is proud to offer solutions for various access points in homes.

For home entry, an access ramp can help get you from the front yard through the front door easily and safely. Coming in various lengths, access ramps provide a sturdy entrance into your home even during inclement weather. And if you need to manage those pesky thresholds that accompany any home, a threshold ramp will get you up and over them with ease.

Getting up and down steps can be challenging, but necessary if your bedroom is upstairs. A stair lift can get you up and down the stairs comfortably and efficiently without causing a ruckus. Not only can they be used indoors, but they can also be used outdoors if necessary.

Broadway Medical also has bathroom safety solutions for shower and bath tub access, as well as manual and power wheelchairs and scooters for those with mobility needs.

There’s no reason why any part of your home should be “off limits.” Contact us or come by today to see how we can help you access your entire home again.