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North Coast Medical Dressing Stick NC28575

Category: Aids to Daily Living

Price: $4.95

Allows persons with limited mobility to dress without bending.

Use the lightweight birch Dressing Stick with all types of clothing. The 5/8" (16mm) diameter dowel has a ā€œCā€ hook at one end, and a push-pull hook at the other end. Ideal for persons with decreased hip flexion or limited upper extremity movement. Plastic-coated  hooks reduce scratches and snags. The 27" (69cm) dressing stick weighs less than 5oz. (142g), and the 18" (46cm) dressing stick weighs 3oz. (85g).

A convenient Collapsible Dressing Stick also is available. This model measures 27-1/2" (70cm) long. Each piece measures 14-1/2" (37cm) when the stick is collapsed.

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